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the alleged doctoring of prescription shlgs a fast-moving fire threatens homes near wine country. see where evacuations have been order. and athletes fly through the air right outside san francisco is also ruffling some feathers . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. gooevending. it's thursday, october 18th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. san francisco's center is turned upside down tonight all in the name of with a bmx state boarding, that's the place to be. happening now, paul chambers live isn't the city where the new tour has taken root and will do so through sunday. hi, paul. >> hey, gasia. one of those things you've got to see to believe so let me show
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you right now. civic center plaza has totally transformed. they're actually practice r for about an hour from now and there will be up and down the street from city hall and many but not to all. >> action sports at scompleets they'll be in san francisco for the next four days doing tricks and showing off their skills, competing in several sports including bmx and street fight coursers. >> this event progresses fast so if you're doing the winning run you did last year and won, you're going to get dead last and not qualify for next year. >> want today come to san francisco for some time now and instead of adapting the city to fit their style, decided to switch them up. >> we actually designed them to fit within civic center plaza. >> that's a bone of contention for one leader. the general public will have limited use of the plaza for roughly two weeks. >> we're making sure we get enough money for the city. are we undermining our standards
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around promoting fitnesses and recreation by having the sponsor of national soft brink company. >> it is us showing exercise at the same time so at least there's some sort of balance in that. >> supervisor parks and rec will make nearly $300,000 to the event. >> giants stadium little league. you're going to be able to compete where the pros compete. >> sunday the pros will compete in the street event on harrison between 11:00 and 5:00 that night. coming back out here live once again they are doing all the tricks for you letting you see only free of charge. the de tour will continue for the next four days. check it out. you can see the awesome sight so come check it out for yourself. live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. gasia. if you want to fiebd out more about the convention, go to we have the entire schedule for
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you. we've also posted addition 23458 video as well as a slide show right there on our home page. firefighters are working to subdue a fast-moving wild fire tonight near clear lake in lake county. the fire started about 2:45 this afternoon along the east side of highway 29 above lake street in lower lake. cal fire reports it burned through 200 acres. it closed part of highway 29 and a mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the twin lakes subdivision. fires threatening structures and has downed some power lines. good news here, there are no reports of any injuries. police in petaluma are searching for a missing teenaged girl who hasn't been seen since yet. police are looking for 15-year-old ruby cruze mendoza who are seen getting into a car with 29-year-old larry carmona. investigators saz the two are reportedly having a relationship. both are from petaluma. police are calling this an abduction since it's not clear if the 15-year-old girl went voluntarily nlts a prominent south bay doctor appeared in
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court today to face a long list of charges including selling and using illegal drugs. as robert honda reports, more charges are looming. >> 61-year-old doctor walked grim faced into a santa clara county courthouse this afternoon. inside he was charged with 18 felonies ranging from selling and using illegal drugs themselves to trading prescriptions for cash and drugs. >> prescribing without medical need and also prescribing to people that he knows or should know are addicts. >> according to court documents obtained by ktvu, investigators say wrote prescriptions for at least 29 people and for large quantity tis. for example, james snider allegedly received a 1,740 oxycontin pilled over a one-year span. the report also confirmed investigators told us yesterday that meth, ecstasy as well as marijuana brew operation were allegedly found at his home.
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court papers show detectives found linked files on his computer consistent with child pornography and that when he was arrested at a hotel october 4th, two juveniles said bonham offered them drugs. >> the more information we find there may be other criminal acts that come up that we would charge. >> inside the courthouse i got a chance to talk with bonham off camera and he reiterated that he is free of all charges. he agreed not to practice medicine while court proceedings are going on. he returns to court november 20th. in san jose, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police say they've arrested one of their own on a single charge of felony grand theft. officer jeffrey is being accused of fraud. police say the arrest follows a nine-month investigation. he was found and arrested yesterday without incident and booked into the santa clara county jail. he's been placed on paid
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administrative lead. i ahead in 11 minutes a dog gi day chir ordered to serve time. new investigations underway after a woman's body was found inside a burning home there. firefighters responded to reports of a small house fire on san carlos avenue after midnight. when they got inside the home they found a woman's body. investigators say they found evidence that an accel rant may have been used to start the fire. >> any time you have an accel rant with a body, you have a suspicious circumstance. that's not to say that a person can't commit suicide using excel rant. that's happened in the past. >> authorities say there were no obvious signs of trauma to the woman's body. her name has not yet been released. shares of google stock plunged 8% today after a slip up revealed the company had missed its third quarter earningsest mat. that 8% translats to about $20 million in shareholder wealth. google's printer accidentally released a draft of the report
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before it was finalized about three hours early. anyone suspended for any time to let investors digest the news. it went 60.69 a share closing at $695. dow industry closed 8 points lower. nasdaq to the brunt of it falling 31 points. that's a decline of 1%. violence broke out today in greece as workers walked off their jobs to protest measures. it's the second in a month. authorities say 70,000 demonstrators took to the streets of a thens in two separate demonstrations. the accident grounded airlines, closed schools and cut off islands dependent on ferries. it's time to coincide with greek economy is under discussion. here at home california dairy farmers rallied and urged state officials to raise the price of milk to make pees and butter. the milk produced in california
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dr. brown and secretary to include whey and milk prices. the farmers say the prices are too low and puts them at a disadvantage compared to other states. now to the reyes for the white house. both president obama and republican nominee mitt romney are attending the same dinner tonight in new york city. the two candidates greeted each other cordially before the event started. the dinner is a benefit for taxless charity and is being held tat end of presidential campaigns since the conclusion of world war ii. >> workers have a de cent living, have a little money in their pockets. that means businesses do better. that means businesses make more profit, then they hire more workers. that's how you grow an economy. that's why we can't go back ward. >> earlier today president obama campaigned in new hafrp chir pointing out the progress made during his and promising more to
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come and getting concentrated attention from both political parties. >> the president can't fix washington from the inside. if the middle class has been buried for the last four years and if the economy is not fixed then it's time we changed presidents and elect mitt romney, the next president of the united states. >> mitt romney stayed out of the spotlight today but his running mate paul ryan was on the campaign trail in florida. ryan repeated republican's concerns about the effect of recent healthcare measures and promised again to repeal it. organizers today more than 19 million people around the wrorld registered for the event. in san francisco the drill started at 10:18 this morning. students at drew elementary were joined by san francisco mayor, fire chief and police chief greg suhr. drop covered and held on during the drill to help prepare themselves for the next big
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earthquake. >> in case anything happens, got to have some preparation, got to be ready for things. that's why we do these drills. we want to practice, practice, and practice. >> stopped its training for one minute as part of the exercise. spokesman for the usds said today's drill was the largest disaster preparedness exercise in history. after almost 80 years in print, news week magazine today announced plans to go all digital next year. publisher gee na brown says news week has been increasingly challenged by advertising. access to the new digital-only newsweek global will be by paid subscription. the last printed edition of newsweek is set for december 31st. the documents are called perversion 5 and some say they covered up years of abuse in the boy scouts. revelations now coming out from the papers made public today. it was a flash in last night's sky, and it may have
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been a meteor that hit near here. where experts say you can look. a colder weather pattern is headed to the bay area. coming up what you can expect for your weekend and when we may actually see the possibility of some rain. i'll show you that coming up
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. police today beefed up patrol in oakland after reports of oo gunman prompted a campus lock down. hundreds of students and staff gathered in the gymnasium late this morning while police search it had campus. police say the gunman is a heavy set kau sags man with short brown hair.
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he was wearing a blue blazer and glasses. former penn state coach jer si sandusky asked the judge to overturn his conviction. he claimed lawyers did not have enough time to prepare for his trial. he also asked the judge to grant him a new trial. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of abuse against ten boys. he received a sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison. sandusky says he is innocent. released more than 20100 documents. the paper identified scout leaders and volunteers banished from the organization for quote perversion. emily smith has more on the legal action that prompted today's revelation. >> boy circuit courts are known for batches of merritt but for years lawyers argued the boy scouts organization hid boxes of dishonor. more than 20,000 internal records of volunteers accused of inappropriate conduct with boys. now, those files are public. >> child abuse, pride, and secrecy, and secret systems are
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where it breeds and these secrets are out. >> so-called perversion files covering 1965 to 1985 were releaseed with the approval of the oregon supreme court after a case against the boy scouts where a scout master sexually abused the scout. the boy scouts of america fight the release saying confidentiality encouraged people to report suspicious behavior and protect the victims. the aleblged victims' names are removed but alleged abusers, more than 1,000 of them are named. in a separate case the judge ordered the release of files from after 1985. the attorneys expected scouts to appeal the order. >> if you're continuing to fight the release of more recent files, you must have something fo hide. >> the boy scouts of america released a statement saying inflicted harm on children. we extend our deepest apologies to victims and their families. the scouts say it's difficult to
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understand individual action from many decades ago and called scouting to do leader in preventing child abuse. with these files now available online, this new statement will be weighed against the documents of the past. i'm emily smith reporting. a dropped off hundreds of thousands of signatures asking his eagle award be reinstated. the boy scouts of america took away ryan andreson honor and kicked him out of the boy scouts because he's gay. he collected 400,000 signatures supporting him and delivered them today to regional boy scout's office in mre sant hill. >> getting my eagle award taken was totally deaf stating. hearing what's happening to other scout social security totally devastateing and makes my heart melt. however at the same time all the support i'm getting is nothing like i've ever had before. 4 hundred thousand signatures is just, like, not even dreamable. >> the scouts said he does not meet the sexual orientation
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requirement for membership. cracking down on businesses that try to manipulate reviews. starting today the san francisco-based web site will feature a consumer alert on the profile of businesses caught tampering with the integrity of reviews. this comes after launched a sting operation to catch businesses paying for favorable reviews. the site gave a moving company and two repair shops that warning. >> a former dog gi day care -- excuse me, a former doggy day care worker in san francisco will be spending two months in jail after his dog was found starving and filthy. announced that penalty today. last march animal control officers found four emaciated dogs at the facility. 36-year-old abraham tailor was sentenced to 60 days in jail on animal cruelty charges. the dogs are now healthy and up for adoption. that we talked to you about last week tangled in plastic and
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rescued was released back into the wild today. dozens watched as experts from the marine mammal center society him free. the marine mammal center treated more than a dozen animals last year caught in ocean trash. one young onlooker said he worries about how pollution affects marine life. >> people should definitely stop mruth because animals really get hurt and when they get caught and tangled in garbage. >> the sea lion was spotted last week at pier 39 with a loop of plastic wrapped around his neck. workers from the marine mammal center got that plastic off and nursed it through recovery. so did you see it? a giant flash in the sky last night. health and science editor john fowler tells us where it was and where some people are looking for it now. >> almost as bright as the sun. that's how wen di de scribed it to me. >> there was a big flash and a ball of fire and it had a big tail and lasted all the way
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across my neighbor's house here. >> a car sized rock asteroid astronomers say slammed spoo the atmosphere south of monterey. several report sonic booms. it was 7:44 last night. the fire ball lasted about ten secondings. the american meteor society tracked more than 150 credible sightings. going south to north, the meteor hit the earth. >> experts say based on that try i can't thinklation it's entirely possible the meteor came down somewhere near here just outside martinez. there's a lot of territory and possibly a treasure waiting to be discovered. >> i would like to find it, but i don't want to look for it, you know what i mean. >> may have been the closest to the impact. he says it went right over his cows. >> maybe 500 feet max as it went over here. somewhere between here and -- that's -- i know it's there. >> from chopper 2, we scoured the area and saw nothing
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unusual. >> the trail could be 10, 15 miles long. >> meteor hubters say a big chunk could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. nothing on this octopus. i'll tell you what brought one of the world's largest vessels into bay area waters and how long it'll be here. the weather is about to begin. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us when we can expect showers. and high school football game a preview tomorrow night on bay area news at 7:00, highlights from the 10:00 news on ktvu
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. one of the largest private yachts in the world is here in the bay area tonight. it's called the octopus and it's tied up for repairs. the 400-foot-long ship carries two helicopters a 10-man submarine and a crew of 60. it is owned by billionaire paul allen, cofounder of microsoft. he owns the portland trailblazers and seattle sea hawks who are playing tonight. they'll be in richmond for the next five weeks. here on bay area news yesterday we talked about warm and boy did we ever today. >> it was a hot one out there in many cases even breaking a few
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records. oakland reported a new record. we have big changes coming our way. in fact, already beginning highlighted one of the orange spots you can see mountain view and oakland new records this afternoon but it was a warm one across the board. 80 degrees in pacifica this afternoon. 87 in fremont, 92 in livermore, 92 in san jose but the change is already here and it's visible. we've got a southwesterly breeze blowing reporting 23 miles per hour cooler moisture air beginning to move and temperatures still holding in the 70s, though. 74 fairfield, 78 antioch, 77 livermore. five to ten greezs cooler at this hour than we were 24 hours ago. so today sunny and hot but today was the final day. we have a trough that will be digging in closer to the area for the weekend and we are going to see and feel a notable drop by sunday. upper 60s, low 70s in the forecast for some of the warmer spots. tomorrow morn e we wake up.
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temtures will be cool once again, santa rosa, napa upper 40s. 56 in hayward. we're already seeing a southerly surge in clouds forming along the coastline so it is going to be a possibility there that we will see them stretch across the bay burning off to the morning hours and giving us sunshine from the afternoon. so sunny, mild to warm weather but definitely not as warm as we have. 75 in oakland, 69 for san francisco, 77 redwood city. these numbers a lot like where we should be for this time of year. 76 san jose, 81 livermore, upper 70s sle 80s napa as well as santa rosa and look at pacifica for tomorrow, 65 degrees. wow, what a difference there. 15 degrees we're looking at the change from today into tomorrow. your extended forecast there is the cool down and if you take a peek past the week ebd shows you the possibility of scattered showers in the forecast that may arrive as early as monday. tuesday looks to be the better
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bet. stick around through wednesday. gasia get your umbrella ready: thank you. the san francisco giants are battling the cardinals tonight hoping the even the national championship series at two games apiece. something we don't have at at&t park budweiser collides dale. they found it to be one of the friendlier cities to root for the opposing team. now, we do know whoever wins this series will be playing the detroit tigers in the world seize. the tigers earlier today swept the new york yankees out of the post season winning today's game 8 to 1. that comes after the stabs their last sunday and a fight this one here at a parking lot. the video is posted on you tube. that has been the practice lately. plain clothes officers plan to be in the crowd wearing the opposing team's jersey. we'll have the highlights of tonight's game on the 10:00 on ktvu. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news
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breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight there is more fall out at the port of oakland after a ktvu investigation discovered an executive has spent thousands of dollars at a strip club. we'll tell you more about that and keep in mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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